We secure a field of vision in automobiles. Our technology refined with our passionate feelings is enough to
										create a 360° field of vision that is indispensable for safety.
Everything we do is for an accident-free society. By pursuing technology and quality without compromise, 
										we protect the safety of drivers and pedestrians.
This is our will. Even if the things we make change, the feelings behind them won’t
										The products we manufacture help your everyday life and grant you a richer life

Creating a field of vision for drivers
everywhere and providing a safer and more comfortable
driving experience for all our customers.

Combined with our technology that we cultivated with these thoughts, we provide high quality products that were created by facing problems head on.
We want to deliver that sense of safety to many more people – a feeling that brings about an indispensable 360° field of vision for any car.
PENSTONE challenges itself in worldwide fields and accurately grasps our customers’ needs, creating products that face future generations. We carve out a new future for automobiles by protecting these inherited thoughts.

What isペンストン

As a member of the 100-year old Ishizaki Group,
we help make driving safter with our automobile glass products, such as side-view mirrors.


Story of our Weaving Thoughts

PENSTONE employees work together to create new value and results
through our various unique personalities working in harmony.
They are the driving force behind Ishizaki Group.
We will tell you our special story woven with our technology, experience, insight, and thoughts.