Lead to completion by thoroughly utilizing knowledge and technology

Manufacturing is requested at the stage of rough design by automakers.
We propose designs, internal mechanisms, wiring and parts to meet needs based on design.
We merge each design into functionality, conduct our study from different angles and take into consideration
the process toward completion to realize door mirrors that will satisfy customers.

Manufacture of door mirrors

①Design conception

Based on the rough design of door mirrors provided by an automaker, we study the feasibility from various points of view such as comparison with competitor products, patent-related issues and cost to decide the product concept. We propose a design concept taking productivity, quality and other factors according to the product concept into consideration.

②Design development

After the design concept is determined, we create a formal design to satisfy functionality and reflect the needs of customers.

③Detailed design

Next, we design the inner machine unit based on the decided design. Approximately 60 parts are used for door mirrors although the number varies depending on the maker and vehicle model. In order to manufacture light and compact products that realize the needs required, we aim to manufacture high-quality products using as few parts as possible.

④Design verification

After the detailed design is determined, we conduct design verification gathering together personnel with a wide range of know-how including electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and material mechanics. In the verification, the latest computer technology is also utilized, and aerodynamic analysis and vibration analysis are conducted using the rapid model (trial product) made by 3D-CAD. In addition, we conduct CAE analysis such as flow analysis and rigidity analysis to verify productivity, quality of external appearance and rigidity.

⑤Production preparation

After making a prototype and confirmation of the compatibility with needs and productivity, we set the manufacturing management conditions for mass production and start production.

⑥Mass productio

Even after the manufacturing line has started operation, we confirm that mass production is conducted according to the set manufacturing management conditions. If even one problem is found, we immediately respond and eliminate the problem.





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