A wide variety of products to realize safe
and comfortable driving

Door mirrors and windows have an important role for vehicles to secure the field of view of a driver.
We provide a wide variety of door mirror products and window products
in consideration of safety as a top priority, as well as functionality, comfort, design, etc.


Window products

We conduct the assembly of automotive window glass.
In response to the needs of automakers,
various window products are processed using our unique technology.

Laminated front glass that protects the safety of passengers

Deep-curved back windows with antennas and heating wires integrated with the design of each vehicle body

Dark tinted glass that creates private space in a vehicle

High-security reinforced glass

UV cut glass that transmits little ultraviolet light


Door mirror products

We consistently conduct all processes from design development to manufacturing.
We provide a wide variety of products according to intended use as a professional of door mirrors by
demonstrating our unique proposal ability based on experience and performance.

Power-folding door mirrors convenient for parking

Colored mirrors that match vehicle body color

Highly-decorative plated mirrors

Heater mirrors with higher safety by improvement in recognition

Mirrors with high added value such as lamps, cameras, antennas, blind angle assistance, hydrophilia, water repellents, etc.